Logging In

1. Using the Google Chrome browser, navigate to cms.skykit.com and click the Sign in button to log in.


2. For first-time users, a permissions window will appear. Click Allow.


3. For first-time users, the Skykit End User License Agreement will appear. Check the box stating you have read and understand the agreement, and then click I Accept.


4. You will be logged into Skykit Content Manager. You should see the Content menu as shown below.


CMS Navigation

When you first log in, you're automatically taken to the Content menu. This is where you will add and manage content within Skykit.


Navigation Menu

1. Navigation Bar: This allows you to easily switch between the different menus within Skykit.

  • Content is where you will add and manage content items such as Google Slideshows, Videos, and Web Feeds.
  • Playlists is where you can create a list of content items or Programs and assign date and time constraints to them (optional).
  • Displays is where you can view a list of your displays, see what's currently playing, and change what's playing on your displays.
  • Users is where you can see all of the users who have access to your Skykit Tenant and set roles for each user.
  • Label Manager is where you can create and categorize labels, and assign them to your Content Items and displays to easily push the same content to various displays.
  • Programs is where you can organize Content Items in different layouts to show more than one Content Item on your displays at the same time.
  • Help will bring you to our Help Center to help get you started or answer any questions.

2. Page Title: This shows where you currently are within Skykit Content Manager.

3. Help Button: Click this button to open relevant help articles depending on what page you're on.

4. Search: Use this input field to search for items within the current menu you're in.

5. Sort: Use this drop-down menu to sort your listed items by when they were last updated or alphabetically. Click on the arrow to the right to further sort them from top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top.

6. Action Button: This is how you add new items in Skykit such as Content Items, Playlists, and Users.

Sizing Google Slideshows

Before adding any images or text to your Google Slideshow, you will first need to define your presentation's page dimensions to ensure your content will fit your displays. Follow the instructions linked below. 

How do I size my Google Slideshow for Skykit? 

Uploading Google Slideshows

1. From the content menu, click on the Action Button located in the lower, right-hand corner.


2. The Content Selector will appear showing the different types of content you can create. Click on Google Slideshow to create content using Google Slides.


3. After selecting Google Slideshow, the Select a file window will appear. Click on the Google Slideshow you want to upload into Skykit and then click Select.


4. You Google Slideshow will be uploaded into Skykit. Click the gear icon in the upper, right-hand corner to access each slide's settings. For Google Slides, you can edit a slide's duration and transition.


5. When you've finished managing your content, click the Publish icon. You're now ready to publish your Google Slideshow to your displays.


Publishing to a Display

1. Navigate to the Displays menu in the CMS and then click the display you want to publish your Google Slideshow to.


2. Under Currently Playing, click on the Change button. The Select Item window will appear.


3. In the Select Item window, make sure the Content tab is selected and then click on the slideshow you want to display.


4. Your display should now be playing your Google Slideshow!